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Publisher: Wilder Publications  
Title: Lie There and Lose Weight: How I Lost 100 Pounds by Doing Next to Nothing.
Hard Cover ISBN 13: 978-1-5154-1933-4
Trade Paper ISBN 13: 978-1-5154-1934-1
Print Run: HC 100,000 TBP 250,000
Categories: Health, Diet, Weight-loss, Self-Help, Memoir.
Publication Date: April 2018
Release Date: March 25th, 2018
National Media Appearances/National Author Tour

How I Lost 100 Pounds By Doing Next to Nothing
John J. Ordover

  In the Fight to Lose Weight, Exercise is the Enemy…

   …or so John Ordover discovered as he set out to lose one hundred pounds and recover his health. In this insightful, endearing and surprisingly funny look at weight-loss, Ordover takes us inside his struggle to stick with his diet, lays out the constantly changing strategies that kept him on target, and details how he coped when working out made everything that much harder.

    Ordover’s week-by-week notes on his struggle, combined with his clever commentary and good-hearted grouching show how a sense of humor, focus and old-fashioned stubbornness kept him going week after week, month after month.   Delightful and inspiring, in Lie There and Lose Weight: How I Lost 100 Pounds By Doing Next to Nothing, Ordover explains how he avoided the traps and temptations that threatened to knock him off track, and details how he lost over one hundred pounds while hating every minute of doing it.

These included:
·       Facing Hunger Straight On.
·       Avoiding Food Pushers, Food Pornographers and Diet Saboteurs
·       Telling Good Health Care from Bad

Praise for Lie There and Lose Weight: How I Lost 100 Pounds By Doing Next to Nothing by John J. Ordover:
“Losing weight is hard for everyone, but few can write about it with as much warmth, humor and honesty as John Ordover does in this remarkable book. He takes us along as he loses more than a hundred pounds, relating every step of his journey with refreshing candor and insight. His experience should serve as an inspiration to anyone looking to lose weight and keep it off.”
– David K. Randall, New York Times bestselling author of Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep.

About John J. Ordover
John J. Ordover is a noted editor, writer and activist, well-known for his expertise in the publishing community, work on the Star Trek franchise, for autism advocacy, and now for his personal account of losing the entire body weight of an adult human being. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his beautiful wife, special needs education advocate and political activist Carol Greenburg, and his handsome and athletic son Arren.
Ordover has written television episodes and commercials, comic books and short-stories, and developed new marketing concepts while advising political campaigns and running fundraisers. Most days he can be found on Facebook, on Twitter as @quotableordover and answering reader questions on

National Media Tour
John Ordover regularly appears on local and national radio discussing a topics including special education, community activism, and genre fiction, and will now also be discussing both his personal weight loss experience and his strategies for losing weight and keeping it off. Wilder Publications will be expanding his presence to local and national morning and afternoon television.

National Author Tour
Wilder Publications will be supporting the book with a 20 city cross-country media and signing tour including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago, Kansas City, Lawrence, Kansas, Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, Tuscon, Portland, Seattle , San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Virginia Beach, Raleigh-Durham, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, and Houston.

For all information, questions, media inquiries, or bookstore appearances, contact Eleanor Lang, Vice President of Communications, 917-553-6658, email
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